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Sunday, December 22, 2013

In the Beginning was the Word ...

As soft Christmas carol instrumentals played in the background, I asked the Lord to take me into the time of his birth, to celebrate His birth by being on scene with Mary and Joseph.  He brought me there in the spirit, and I stood in the stable with them.  They were aware of my presence, accepting, not startled.  Slowly I moved closer to Mary, so that could see Jesus more closely.  Mary smiled at me and held the carefully wrapped infant out toward me as if to say, “Would you like to hold him?”  My heart melted within me.  “Me?  Hold him?”  But Mary smiled with an expression that said, “Why not?” 

So there I was, holding the baby Jesus, just like I would hold any other baby, except that my insides felt like they were melting into one giant pool of emotion.     He opened his eyes, which were deeply deep, beautiful, and calm and whose color was hard to discern exactly.  Transfixed, I stared into those deeply wondrous eyes. 

As I stared, I was drawn into those eyes, as if my entire being were being drawn through them and beyond them.  And suddenly I was watching as Jesus, the craftsman at the Father’s side, brought stars into being.  In a time lapsed fashion with startling clarity and color, similar to the images from the Hubbell space telescope, I watched from a far distance that still seemed like a front row seat, as colorful lights swirled and flashed.   In that moment I was so overcome with the realization that these baby’s eyes were in essence the same eye that watched with great pleasure as the worlds were first being formed – galaxies given birth. 

I was pulled from the far reaches of space to observe once again this tiny baby whose eyes held galaxies, and then, without warning, I was simply back sitting on my brown couch with my two daughters, who were completely unaware that I’d been gone.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding Time to Drink ... and write about it

Life brims to edges of my capacity, then overflows, spilling over the top; I yearn to capture every drop.  Daughter one will fly to her future soon, taking off to Bangkok, Thailand.  Daughter two just received her acceptance letter to Lee University this weekend, and she will likely be headed off to Tennessee in the Fall.  So I'm grasping at every opportunity to connect, at the heart level.  I'm grabbing at every hug, hanging on every word.

Simultaneously my three younger a daughters are budding, oh so early, into breathtaking beauty.  And yet (from my previous experience with age 13-14) I know that they hover on the brink of the abyss of hormones and snarkiness.  So, I pull them into my arms and hold them close.  Trying to maintain undivided interest, I listen to their tales of which friend said what and did what and how funny it was when so and so fell out of his chair.

I am blessed with a husband who loves me and all my girls, and yet he needs much attention, too.

My heart cry is for more time to drink ... not of the fruit of the vines of this world, but of the River of Delights of deep times with Jesus.  His Word, beautiful worship, prayer ... there is never quite enough time to linger there and enjoy.  One hundred prayer requests seem to knock insistently, and yet when I show up to pray, I simply want to rest in Him.

Where do I find this place of rest?

Mornings - Before the day carries me away like a stallion, I sit here in the relative quiet (applying headphones when necessary) or I brave the cold long enough to drive to the track and walk (with headphones), listening to worship music (Misty Edwards, Cory Asbury, Deb Wells) and enter into the glorious presence of my Savior.  I pray, "Lord, bind my mind to your mind; bind my heart to your heart.  May I walk in your ways, talk with your words.  May my path always be the path you have destined for me."

And I know from experience that if I will just do this each (and every) morning, then the challenges of the day - the challenges of raising five girls and working part-time and homeschooling and more - will not shake me to the point of breaking.  Instead, I will know the steadiness of heart, the focus of love, that comes from this time in His presence, binding myself to him in the very center of my being.

It is not my personal secret.  Generations have known this ... all the way back to Old Testament scriptures. "They that wait upon the Lord will ... rise up on wings like eagles."  And "The Lord will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed (fixed) on Him."

So, today I will feast on the abundance of God's provision and drink from his river of delights.  Psalm 36:8.   I will "taste and see that the Lord is good!"  Ps. 119:103.

And at least today I am finding time to write about it!  I hope that I will be able to do this more!

Encountering Jesus

I have journaled some of our encounter times -- times that we spend in focused worship asking Holy Spirit to open our spiritual ears and eyes to hear and see what he wants to reveal to us, and allow us to spend time with Jesus, experiencing his love in whatever way he wants to share with us -- but I haven't blogged much, because I typically write things down in shorthand, not in ways that others would understand.  But I have been challenged lately to write more, so here's one from a week and half ago .....  I hope they inspire someone who reads them.

Yesterday’s encounter time:  I stood in a giant circle of people with Jesus at the center.  Most people held small instruments, but some had large ones (eg, there was a cello).   Others were simply vocalists, their voice their only instrument.  As Jesus pointed to each one, he or she would begin to play a simple rhythm or simple melody, sometimes just a single note, too.  The vocalists would sing a single beautiful note.   But as each individual joined their song, one after the other around the circle, the music blended into an amazing symphony.  At times Jesus would direct a person to rest in silence, before picking up another note or rhythm.   Some were worried that their notes were insignificant, but there was no denying that as we each were faithful to simply obey the director’s instruction, the symphony was extraordinary!

Mayana has been having significant encounter times in which she is going with Jesus to serve the poor, giving them food and clothes, and sharing God’s love and truth with them.  Today she saw an area where there were few houses but lots of people, and she and Jesus were ministering to the people, giving them food, clothes, and love.  Sometimes in her pictures sees us there as a family, too.  Often the pictures involve going from here to another place that is far away.  Her experiences are filled with joy!

If you are inspired to encounter the Lord with your children, I encourage you to go back to the beginning of this blog and read the early posts.  I also encourage you to purchase some prophetic worship music - preferably instrumental - for your soaking time.  We like John Belt's CDs, among others.

Be blessed today in Jesus' sweet loving presence through the Holy Spirit!

“Lord, I want to be… planted by your waters,
Lord, I want to be .. drinking from your stream,
Give me joy as I drink, from the river of your delights.
Let me abide so deep, as I set my eyes on you.
All my fountains are in You,
 I am only satisfied in You.”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

We have this treasure …

 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.   2 Cor 4:7  

So, I find this old jar and it is loaded with gold coins and jewels and I can’t get my mind off the jar, this container.  How did it get to be so broken and dirty?  And how can I fix it?  Surely, if it holds such treasure I must somehow clean it up and get it fit to hold the treasure, right?  So, I worry and fret over this old jar of clay, and I get together with other jar-owners, so that we can learn all about restoring these old jars, making them presentable, if not beautiful.  And we read book after book about jar restoration, attend conferences and seminars, and sermons, and still, somehow, after being patched and cleaned and painted,  they are still just jars of clay in need of repair and restoration.

Then one day someone limps into one of our jar-restoring meeting and cries, “I could really use some help here.  I heard you all might have some treasure.  Where’s the treasure?”

“The what?”

“The treasure!  The all-surpassing power that you found in some old jars!  Where is it?  I could really use some help!”

“What do you mean?”

“The power that’s supposed to be inside those jars.  You know, the things you all keep fretting over.  Inside is where the treasure is!  Aren’t you going to start using the treasure inside?  ‘Cuz I could really use some help here!”

“Well, yes.  Of course, we will use the treasure inside.  But can’t you see.  Until we get these jars cleaned up, we won’t be able to present the treasure to anyone.  We can’t really expect people to see the beauty of the treasure until we get our acts together and present it with a presentable vessel.”

With a sigh, the visitor limps away, shaking his head. 

Treasure!?  All surpassing power!?  Why in the world have I been walking around all these years thinking that this jars of clay verse was all about the stinking jar?

Why give another day to trying to fancy up this old jar?  Why worry another minute about what people think of me?  If I were walking around with the all surpassing power of God’s love flowing out of me, I don’t think they’d be all that concerned about my clothes, my language, or whether or not I had a tattoo of a cross on my shoulder.   Nor would they really care whether I was well educated or could recite the books of the Bible in order. 

And if I had the all surpassing power of God’s love flowing through me, would I really still be carrying around anger about what my parents did 20 years ago, what my neighbor did last week, or what the press said about my church?  Wouldn’t I be quick to forgive just as I have been forgiven?

And if I had the all surpassing power of God’s love flowing through me, would I really spend time fretting about the worship style errors of the church down the street and the way my friend interprets Genesis 1?  Wouldn’t I simply love and accept others just as Christ accepted me?

And more importantly, if I really had the all surpassing power of God’s love flowing through me, wouldn’t I be longing to give it freely to others, obeying the law of Love as written in Word?  How can I claim to love God, if I refuse to love my own family and neighbors?  Freely I received this all surpassing power - this treasure.  Freely must I give. 

Lord, help me to take my eyes off me, and keep my eyes off me, so that I may fix my eyes on Jesus, the one who has given this treasure, and indeed the one who is this Treasure!  Help me to share this Treasure - this all-surpassing power of love, hope, healing, and redemption -  with the  people all around me!!

I need not make it complicated or well organized.  May I just keep it simple - this treasure-sharing need have nothing to do with me, just a willingness to let HIS LOVE and POWER pour out of me.   Lord, let it be.