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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jamaica - a mission adventure - the pics

Some photos from the Jamaica Mission Trip with Bread Basket Ministries... photos in no particular order.
Most of these are photos are of the children in the neighborhood where we ministered while our team was building Daniel's House.  For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/danielshouse/
Everybody gather round and learn some songs!

I've got love like an ocean.

Kayla got them in line.

Mayana and a new friend.

Some of Mayana's many friends

Just for fun - all dressed up to go to dinner!

Miss Kayla, Miss Kayla!  Look at my boat!!

Some friends saying good-bye.

The adorable baby cousin of Daniel and sisters.

Listening to the story.

Red light, green light.

Lia's lap was often full, too.

Kayla talking to Daniel.

How big is God's love?

Hugs!  Our favorite part.

Parable of the lost sheep and fun making masks.

More fun and games.

Circle time

Yes, I was there, too.  Here I am talking with Daniel.

They listened pretty attentively while Kayla shared.

 Cute as a button.

More hugs.

Grace's lap got used a lot when she wasn't painting and hammering.

More craft time.

Daniel's aunt with Grace and Lia

AnneMarie with Daniel's sisters, Tiffany and Kerri-Anne

Sunday, December 22, 2013

In the Beginning was the Word ...

As soft Christmas carol instrumentals played in the background, I asked the Lord to take me into the time of his birth, to celebrate His birth by being on scene with Mary and Joseph.  He brought me there in the spirit, and I stood in the stable with them.  They were aware of my presence, accepting, not startled.  Slowly I moved closer to Mary, so that could see Jesus more closely.  Mary smiled at me and held the carefully wrapped infant out toward me as if to say, “Would you like to hold him?”  My heart melted within me.  “Me?  Hold him?”  But Mary smiled with an expression that said, “Why not?” 

So there I was, holding the baby Jesus, just like I would hold any other baby, except that my insides felt like they were melting into one giant pool of emotion.     He opened his eyes, which were deeply deep, beautiful, and calm and whose color was hard to discern exactly.  Transfixed, I stared into those deeply wondrous eyes. 

As I stared, I was drawn into those eyes, as if my entire being were being drawn through them and beyond them.  And suddenly I was watching as Jesus, the craftsman at the Father’s side, brought stars into being.  In a time lapsed fashion with startling clarity and color, similar to the images from the Hubbell space telescope, I watched from a far distance that still seemed like a front row seat, as colorful lights swirled and flashed.   In that moment I was so overcome with the realization that these baby’s eyes were in essence the same eye that watched with great pleasure as the worlds were first being formed – galaxies given birth. 

I was pulled from the far reaches of space to observe once again this tiny baby whose eyes held galaxies, and then, without warning, I was simply back sitting on my brown couch with my two daughters, who were completely unaware that I’d been gone.